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3 AM Sunday morning I awake with realization that I had not yet properly tested my new Avocet in the surf, well…it was probably a case of Kayaking withdrawals seeing that I had not been in a boat since Wednesday. Anyway I found myself checking the local conditions via the surfer’s network of websites and reports (I am glad someone tracks this kind of stuff). The weather was right, with SW winds 15 to 25 kts. Average seas 3 to 6 ft. The surf report was 3-4 ft. - waist to shoulder high and good conditions, clean lines. The tide was incoming as well. So I loaded the gear and off to my favorite spot I went.

I was blessed once again arriving to an empty beach and only about a dozen surfers, no Kayakers in sight. Waves were far better than expected 3-4 footers for sure with more than occasional 5-6 footers thrown in. They were of all types, spilling, dumping, steep or low and best of all pretty much to myself. After a couple of hours I left satisfied the new boat was extremely fast and maneuverable. On the big steep waves she was so fast I found myself shooting down the face and having to side surf them in or an Endo was inevitable.

Thanks once again to the surf god…

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