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Only Wind Showed


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Well, for the first "Show and Go" trip of the 2002 season, only the wind showed up. While waiting until 5:45 (15 minutes before scheduled launch time) the Jim Brayden and 3 assistant leaders discussed options:

1) If members did come, the conditions were clearly at least level 3, not level 2. (Jim had posted a message to this effect earlier in the afternoon.)

2) With the winds coming out of the West, if we ventured out into the harbor the return trip would be quick, but the landing could involve more surf than folks might be up for this early in the season.

3) If the winds picked up as much as forecast, the return and landing could be difficult.

4) We could move the trip to the Annisquam River.

The decision as to how to handle the trip became moot when no one else arrived. Being that close to the water made us want to get our boats wet anyway, so we adjourned to the more sheltered waters of the Annisquam for a sunset paddle. Two of our relaxed and compatible group had never been there and it is always a good thing to paddle in new waters.

During our snack break on Wingaersheek beach the winds let us know that staying out of the harbor was the correct choice. For a time the beach looked like a Sahara sandstorm. We road back to the putin with the incoming tide and wind pushing us, then adjourned for a mini (we had not worked hard enough to earn the real thing) PPP-O.

Y'all missed a good time. See you on the water - I hope!

Liz N.

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