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Post-Turkey Short Route


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Post-Turkey Day Paddle - the short route.

Adam, Kim and Liz put in at Tuck's Point, scooted out to House to check out the conditions, and plunged straight on. Not much happening out there. Trying for a bit of excitement we went around the outside of Great Misery and through the Little Misery cut. Still no action. Just as well for paddlers still stuffed from Thanksgiving.

When we arrived at the Great Misery beach it was apparent that the Kokatats were migrating. A flock had landed for lunch and were basking in the warm sun on this very spot. (Actually two groups had converged: the larger group had traveled from Marblehead Harbor and a smaller group of 4 from Manchester Harbor.) The Kokatats were mostly blue and yellows, but a few of the rare pure yellows were seen, one spectacularly tall specimen. They proudly showed their fleece chests through their open waterproof zippers, allegedly part of the drying off ritual after their vigorous journey. One of the New Hampshire sub-species performed the simultaneous warm up (neoprene hood on head) dry off (zipper open) maneuver.

Their lunch was more sparse than in previous years. Some pretzels and brownies were offered around but where was the promised leftover turkey, stuffing, and soup?

Strolls around the islands. Bushes visited by some who had not been told about the charming Clovis outhouse. Mellow relaxation. Trips reminisced and planned. Time to head out. Since Kim and Adam wanted to hang out longer, I headed back with the Manchester group, planning to have Jonathan, Chad, Don and Carla drop me at Tuck's Point on their way.

Liz N.

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