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Portsmouth, NH currents on the Piscataqua. 6/9

Paul Sylvester

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Planning a trip from Odiorne this sat. am. Put in 9am and go out the breakwater and up the main river to catch the max ebb around 11am. We will take our time and play the eddies with practice time to work the currents. May go up the river as far as the boat ramp in Eliot and have lunch, or we could play the currents and then head outside to rock play. Expect high level 3 conditions due to boat traffic and currents. Any rescues will need to be quick and clean or the stink boaters will freak.Off water about 2-3pm.

I have seen 2' round mooring buoys sucked under on max ebb springs. It won't be quite that intense sat. but you should be able to sprint at 4knots to make headway in spots, and the boat wakes will throw you around...

Please mail me or post here as I want to know how many are coming.



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No takers yet and it doesn't surprise me as people get busy this time of year.

So, If there is interest I can make this a trip around New Castle with the current, leaving time to practice rolling, 3 star strokes or just an easier trip.

Not sure where this would fall on the trip scale......

Saturday is Market Square Day so Pierce Island could be a hassle, hence Odiorne.

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People might have attempted to e-mail you but the e-mail in your profile doesn't seem to be working:

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5.7.0 ... Mail account inactive (in reply to RCPT TO


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