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Friday 5/11/07 - Gloucester Harbor


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Anybody have the day off and want to paddle, or need an excuse to play hooky?

Launch @ 10 a.m. from Pavillion Beach in Gloucester (greasy pole) which is now re-paved and back in business. Poke along the west side of the harbor down to Norman's Woe/Magnolia. No real rush to get there or to get back. Have the whole dang day to myself.

They're talking a chance of rain as of today, but unless it's a monsoon, I'm going.

Open to other suggestions on Cape Ann/North Shore as well, if anybody's got any . . .

It's still drysuit season (will the end ever come?)

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Time-wise, I don’t know. I’d say anywhere from 4 to 6 hours on the water, depending on what you and others are up for. Couldn’t see later than like 4 o’clock. There’s no real plan but to head south and poke along the coast, hit a couple of the islands. Hopefully it will be a good day to play in some rock surge for those who care to.


Greasy Pole – Take Route 128 N to exit 14, turn right onto Route 133 east. Drive 2.9 miles on Route 133. Turn left onto Route 127 and drive 0.4 mile to the public landing on right. Small parking lot at the landing and street parking along the beach. .

Hope to see you . . .

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