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Sat 5/5 - Lane's Cove to ? - 9 a.m. launch


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Launch from Lane’s Cove in Gloucester @ 9 a.m.

No firm float plan.

Low tide 8 a.m., so will check for “popcorn” surf in mouth of Annisquam, though it’s forecast as a mellow day, so not likely to see it.

More likely, head toward Rockport, meandering in the rocks - which it looks to be a better day for (optional, or course, for those who may want to just hang and watch).

Again, weather/conditions expected to be benign. This is not a “Victory at Sea” day. Pace will be leisurely.

Back at put in at 2 pm. Have to take kid to soccer practice . . .

Drysuit a must . .

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