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Sunday 5/6 - very early morning.


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Not expecting any takers due to the hour, but just in case anybody’s insomniac enough to join me . . .

Doing a repeat of last week . . . launch approx 6:45 a.m. behind Gloucester High School for a workout in the Annisquam. Head to the mouth at a brisk pace. This time tide’s right to maybe see some surf. Play for a few, head back to be off water by 10/10:30.

Water’s still cold. Drysuits must.

Hey, to my surprise, I had to absolutely elbow my way through all the power boaters last week at the ramp – so some people do get going early. Fortunately, they all went the other direction, and I had the river all to myself. Just flat black water ‘till the mouth, and not another living soul to be seen. Quite the serene, Zen deal.

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