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I note that there is frequently a statement which accompanies the listing of a s&g: "usual protocols apply".

Could someone enlighten me as to what the protocols are? I have a question about the poster showing up for his/her posted s&g and wonder if this issue is included in the "protocols".


maryb, NH

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"The usual protocols", as I understand it, is shorthand for the disclaimer at the head of the private trips forum: a way of quickly stating that the trip is private and not NSPN-sponsored , and that participants are responsible for their own safety, etc.

At this time of year the usual protocols could also be taken to mean that participants should be properly dressed and equipped (drysuits etc.)

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I post this often. Peter is more or less correct.

I mean also that if noone lets me know they plan to show up they should not be surprised if they show up late to a few warm hoods on automobiles no longer having drivers or boats.

Furthermore, I have never had to do so yet but I would discourage someone from paddling this time or any time of year without proper dress. Proper dress is more than a personal choice as the group will endeavour to aid a person who is in trouble. The paddling experience is changed under such circumstances. The paddling experience, and possibly health, of the group is not independent of such a choice.

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