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Wanted: Exp. paddler for 5-6 day tour up Maine coast


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Looking for an experienced kayaker or two to join me soon in a 5-6 day (100+ mile) paddle north up the Maine coast from Hampton Harbor, NH to Casco Bay area (Portland+) while the water is still fairly warm. Trip window between November 12 and 22 in order to be back home for Thanksgiving. We'll poach camp on beaches and islands all the way so fires unlikely as a rule. (Yes, those cold mornings will be #@$#@! miserable . . . .)

Requirements: 3+ years of camping and coastal paddling experience with a reliable roll and ease with 5+ mile open water crossings. You'll need your own kayak and camping gear (two paddles, farmer john or dry suit, neoprene hood and gloves, strobe & C-light, VHF radio, tent, sleeping bag, dry bags, and so forth). We'll share food and meals (cooked on two stoves).

This tour is a continuation of a five-day trip I made in 2005 from the Mystic River (Somerville/Medford) to Hampton Harbor, where I had to quit (just a few miles short of Kittery -- my goal) because rangers there wouldn't let me set up my tent in a full campground. (Peak-season motel rooms were $300+ a night with three-day minimum!)

By the way, I'm in my early 50s, wear an ill-fitting tuilik, and I paddle a handbuilt SOF that's fading to the color of dog-pee-on-snow. (Don't say I didn't warn you . . . .)

Scott Bruce (North Cambridge)


h/o (617) 492 5004

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