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Saturday 10/14 Contoocook River, Concord NH 10:15 AM


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OK... take two (and last second)! Got a call from someone who's interested in paddling the Contoocook so I will be there Saturday morning (10/14) at 10:15 AM. Figure on a 3 to 4 hour paddle. If you need to reach me the day of you can call my mobile at 650-279-6268.

The put in is off of "The Island Road" at a public ramp in Concord, NH. I will paddle upstream for 1.5 to 2 hours, then turn around and paddle downstream taking a short break on Daisy Beach beach on the way back. Here's a Google Maps link that will get you to "The Island Road". Just head down and the ramp will be on your left hand side (it's obvious).


The Contoocook is a very slow moving river over the stretch I'll be paddling. Folks with composite boats needn't worry about rocks. The leaves should be great and paddling up the Contoocook will be a great way to see them. As the Contoocook is so slow and calm it's great for working on your forward stroke. I went for a quick paddle last Friday and the surface temp measured 50 to 52 degrees (taken with my infrared thermometer so I don't know how the surface temp translates to the water a foot or two down) so dress accordingly.

Cheers, Joe

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