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Friday (10/13) Surf SNG at Nahant--UPDATE

Kevin B (RPS Coach)

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>Hey Brian,


> Oh and by the way, you have to wear the boa;)

Maybe if you offer to wear the hot pink skirt... Seriously though... Brian, don't let Kevin and Gillian dress you.

Update - No bites and I have a new toy. See ya there.

Anyhow... if I have no bites on my leaf peepin SNG I'll probably join you. My preference would be for Nahant as well. There's a possibility that I'll be sporting a "new to me" boat on Friday.

Cheers, Joe

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I'll be there - sans boa. But I will bring my boa(t)!

I look forward to practicing my low braces in surf - seeing the other discusion regarding high/low braces in surf I feel slightly better having not yet learned to use high braces in surf. But just slightly; I like the "tools" analogy. While I still have a small toolbox, it is good to know how to use all the tools available.

See, with the discussion more about tools people will quickly forget the boa.


P&H Capella 163

Red/White/Black trim

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