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Cancelled - Concord or Manchester, NH - Friday the 13th


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UPDATE - No interest. I'm probably heading to Kev's SNG (I have a new to me boat that I need to figure out and outfit).

It's leaf lookin' season and I want to experience the fall foliage from a kayak! I plan on hitting the Contoocook River at 2 PM on Friday and getting off the water about 6 PM. The put is off of "The Island Road" at a public ramp in Concord, NH. I will paddle upstream for 2 hours, then turn around and paddle downstream taking a short break on a public beach on the way back. Here's a Google Maps link that will get you to "The Island Road". Just head down and the ramp will be on your left hand side (it's obvious).


The Contoocook is a very slow moving river over the stretch I'll be paddling. Folks with composite boats needn't worry about rocks. The leaves should be great and paddling up the Contoocook will be a great way to see them. As the Contoocook is so slow and calm it's great for working on your forward stroke. I went for a quick paddle last Friday and the surface temp measured 50 to 52 degrees (taken with my infrared thermometer so I don't know how the surface temp translates to the water a foot or two down) so dress accordingly.

If you're interested in joining me please send an email to...

joe at symphonyphoto dot com

... or call me at the number below. If there's no interest I may opt to go somewhere else or join another SNG. If there's any folks from down south who are interested in doing some leaf looking in NH but would prefer something closer Lake Massabesic in Manchester NH is also an option however it's a drinking water source so... no rolling, or sculling for support to cool off, etc. (No human contact but gasoline engines are OK??? boo hiss... very nice scenery though).

Cheers, Joe

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