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SNG-Level 3-Saturday 9/9 Hingham Harbor, Harbor Islands, Boston Light?


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Three of us are already doing a show-and-go on Saturday, September 9 from Hingham Harbor Park. Launch at 9:30. High tide is at about 1 PM so we will be dealing with adverse current for part of the trip. Level 3 skills required. Out Higham Bay, pass World's End, enjoy some Harbor Islands, Windmill Point, and if conditions and the group is right, Boston Light (10-14 miles) Bring lunch and appropriate extra clothing.

This a show and go. It is not sponsored by the NSPN and may not have anyone certified as a leader. You are responsible for yourself, but of course we will stick together and take care of each other.

Check here for changes or clarifications.

Al Coons

Eddyline Nighthawk

Red/WhiteAl Coons

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Al, et al,

I responded to Kev, Lisa as well...as I often don't hear back on whether SNG trips go off or not...also am getting some feedback based on a recent trip I co-lead, so might as well set the record straight:

- the participant who both complained about my "screaming" as well as appreciated my advising him and others how to better control their boats and thus stay off the rocks (in what tunred out to be Level 3+ condtions on a Level 2 trip), neglected to mention we had 15-20+ knot winds and that I was over 100 yards away...hence my raised voice

- I also am well aware that when I raise the volume of my voice, the pitch goes up, through no intent of my own, hence his mis-perception of "screaming"

- what also was not mentioned was that at that time as well as a good deal of the trip, the other co-lead was up in front, and the leader sometimes up to 1/4 mile behind, so I was the only leader/co-leader observing the participants (this is an observation of fact, not crtiticism)

- lastly, given the increasing conditions, towards the end of the trip, as one of the other participants was having difficulty I hung back as she was slowing down and getting off-course. As we slowed, the leader caught up with us and we began to paddle toward shore together but he eventually dropped back again, and I stayed with the paddler having dificulty until we landed.

AS such, I would be pleased to take on adverse currents on a Level 3 trip as well as anything else the group has to offer. I've been dying to get out to Boston light and as you so aptly state "Everyone will be responsible for themselves, but hopefully we can all stick together".

See you Sat,



P&H Capella 163

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