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Saturday (9/9) and Sunday (9/10) SNGs L3 *****UPDATE****

Kevin B (RPS Coach)

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Not sure what will be done on which day yet, but will be decided soon.

Circumnavigation of Salem Sound

One way trip from Salem Willows to Greasy Pole in Gloucester. Car drops involved.

Usual SNG rules apply.

Post interest here.


Decided to join an existing SNG for today.

SUNDAY: Put in at Tuck Point in Beverly at 10am. Circumnavigate Salem Sound by island hopping.

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In the off-season (the season being Memorial to Labour Day) I have never been turned away from or ticketed at Tuck's Point. We pull over at the side of the road and drop boats and gear on the grass, then park at the back of the lawn under the trees. (This) Saturday was no different. Parking away from the lot is meant to leave the "choice" spots for the "legal" attendees. I'd also keep the list of participants smaller.

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