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Practice in the Current: Goose Cove , Gloucester, Friday 6/23


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There will be a practice session on Friday 6/23 at Goose Cove in the Annisquam section of Gloucester from @ 5:30PM to 8PM.

At the entrance of Goose Cove there is a small tidal race which runs for about 2 hours in the middle third of the incoming tide. Midtide tomorrow is @ 7PM, so conditions will be right from @ 6-8PM. This is a great time and place to practice boat handling skills in the current under manageable conditions

Rick Crangle knows the area and what he's doing, and will be there to instruct and advise. It should be a lot of fun....

We will practice entering the current, ferrying, edging, "mooning" the current etc. For my part I will be practising edging the right and the wrong way (i.e. capsizing) and will be wearing a helmet.

There is little or no parking at Goose Cove, so we will be paddling there from some nearby put-in. Details will be worked out at tonight's Chebacco Lake practice session and posted tomorrow.

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It is a tidal race, maybe 100 feet wide, can't say whether its infamous or not, have only seen it from the road (Rte 127 bewen the rotary and Lanes Cove) it doesn't look infamous to me . Penryn Mawr it ain't, but that's the point, its a good place to practise, as mistakes won't result in broken & missing boats, paddles, paddlers etc. . Having a session there has been discussed at the Chebacco Lake sessions for a while now, and the tides will be right on Friday to go & do it.

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What an opportunity! I will be on my way to Cape cod for a surf clinic. So I will be in the Boston Area. I can participate!!! I hope that the info as to the put in will be early in the am. I will be following the directions via the deLorne map of MA.

I am going to Alex's during the day in the hopes that she will be there as I work on fixing my skeg cable on my mystic (in case I really mess it up!!)

I plan to leave about 9 am.

thanks for this opportunity!!!!!!

maryb mystic yellow/white

explorer lv rail blue/white

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Don't worry if directions aren't posted prior to your leaving. Alex can tell you exactly where this is - she has mentioned it to be before. I haven't been so I can't help.


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Goose Cove is to the right (inland) of Rte 127 , about 2 miles from the traffic rotary, or halfway to Lanes Cove , near Lobster Cove and the mouth of the Annsiquam River, You would see it on the right as you cross a bridge/culvert driving north on Rte 127,.

Parking at Goose Cove is not reliable. There may or may not be one or two spots to park, but Deb reports unfriendly residents who might make a scene. The best thing is to paddle there (1/2 - 3/4 mile) from Wheelers point area, (closer to the rotary, or before Goose Cove)

Take the first rotary, and head north on Rte 127 for about half a mile. Take the first left after the hospital (on your left)

Go for about a mile on Wheeler Road, up and down a hill to a public boat launch,

Goose Cove is about a 1/2 –3/4 mile paddle from there . Head north, stay to the right, and look for a small bridge (Rte 127) on your right (not ther bridge to Annisquam, this will hae traffic on it) . Scoot under the bridge , ride the current into Goose Cove. Current dies dwn/eddies in a hundred feet or so.

Once we’re in Goose Cove , we won’t be coming out until the current dies down, probably @ 8PM.

Mary (or anyone) if you’d like to paddle over together:

I’ll be at the boat launch @ 5:30, planning to launch @ 5:45.

My cell phone is 617-877-5824.

Both Beginners and tidal race gurus needed. Come on Suzanne!

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Sorry to all for lack of communication on Friday afternoon; my internet was down or I was in transit. Hopefully, what was apparent to me was apparent to all: not a good time for boats on the water. Weather reports showed a string of thunderstorms passing through Cape Ann throughout Friday Evening, and at 5:30 there was severe rain and some lightning in the Danvers area.

Hopefully we can reschedule, but it looks like tides won’t be favorable in tha area for an after- work session until September, and it gets dark earlier by then.We’ll keep trying…

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