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RSVP: Rough Water Play Day 11/13


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So I am forgetting what it is like to play in a sea kayak in rough water and have a hankering to go do something fun near the full moon this month. So, I'm posting for Sunday the 13th to do either the mouth of the North River or Woods Hole, depending on winds.

North River trip would be something like launching from the Driftway in Scituate around 9-10, riding the ebb current down to the mouth, surfing/playing there, lunch on the Sand Spit, back to the launch against the weak ebb later in the afternoon.

Woods Hole trip would be launching from the aquarium around 9, catching some surfing or current play on the ebb in the Hole or at Devil's Foot and then over at the gutters in Hadley Harbor, lunch, then whatever we can find in the Hole on the flood in the afternoon.

You need a solid rough water roll, a helmet, and of course appropriate cold water paddling gear. This is an RSVP which means I won't do the trip with you unless we agree to it ahead of time. You are responsible for your own safety.

That said, some rough water rescue practice might be part of the plan if we decide we want to, or if it is necessary.

Post interest here or via email to me.



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