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Cancelled-S&G, Sunday 9/11, Hingham/Harbor Islands, Level 3-Cancelled


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Show and Go on Sunday, September 11 from Hingham Harbor Park. Launch at 9 AM SHARP. Low tide is at 11:10 AM. Level 3 skills required. No pressure paddle with plans of visiting Higham Bay, some Harbor Islands, Windmill Point. 9-13 miles? Bring lunch and appropriate extra clothing. Return between 2:30-3? High tide is at 5:30 PM.

This a show and go. It is not sponsored by the NSPN and may not have anyone certified as a leader. You are responsible for yourself, but of course we will stick together and take care of each other.

This trip will only take place if there is at least one other confirmed paddler. Post your intentions here or email me at alcoonsmail @ verizon.net. I will confirm the trip as soon as there is another confirmed paddler.

Al Coons

Eddyline Nighthawk


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>I have paddled Hingham Harbor and have thought about doing a

>S&G but I would have called it a level 2, perhaps in error.

>What would make this particular paddle, in benign

>conditions, a level 3?

It certainly is a level 2 in "benign" conditions. However, there have been times when the wind has created some level 3 conditions (waves+wind) even to the close in Harbor Islands. However, I post it as a level 3 since when the conditions are reasonable, this type of group often agrees to go further out. For example we went to Boston Light and other "outer" islands from Dorchester about a month ago. So the distance this group usually goes is further than a level 2. In fact, we have had level 2 paddlers moving up to level 3 who have gone on relatively short level 3 trips and found the distance quit a challenge.

So, there is no question that a Hingham Harbor paddle can make a wonderful level 2 paddle. It is also a perfect place to take a group of level 2 paddlers and introduce them to level 3. In my case, I am just posting a trip that often goes further and for those that can handle serious level 3 waves and current (Hull Gut at times).

Does this make sense?


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>Got it. Sounds like you post for the maximum level that

>might be

>encountered, whether planned or unplanned.

Yes....mostly though because I want a level 3+ trip if possible if I am organizing it. I don't feel comfortable organizing a level 4-/4 trip...while these are S&Gs, I think the poster has some responsibility to be able to not just complete the trip, but be in control of his own situation and able to be one of the paddlers making good decisions when necessary. When things get bigger on a level 4 trip, I may be just a follower.

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