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Mount Desert Island


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My wife and I are planning a week long trip to Mount Desert Island/Acadia National Park and I would like to invite the members of NSPN to join us. We camped there last summer and the camping and paddling were excellent. The trip this year will from the 15th to the 22nd of july and we will be camping once again at Mount Desert Campground, site E16. It is a beautiful area with a wide variety of paddling venues just waiting to be explored.

The campground, Mount Desert Campground, is on Somes sound, and everyone will have to make their reservations themselves. It is a very nice quiet campground, and even in the evening around the campfire we were never disturbed by neighbors. People should reserve early to be sure of a site.

As well people could come for a day or a week, as they wish. This will be a very informal arrangement, and the only real requirement as far as I am concerned is the safety on the water.

There would be the possibility of two outings per day; one outing would be level 2, and the other outing would be more level 3-4. There are many areas to paddle and regardless of the wind direction there are always sheltered areas to paddle. For the more advanced or adventurous there are lots of exposed areas and rocks and ledges, and Blue Hill Bay should have some nice tidal 'features' where one could play.

For those who don't want to paddle there are excellent bike trails, walking trails etc. People would be able to come and camp for two days, three days or for the week, as they wish. This is just a heads up so people can consider the idea. Some photos of the areas are available at the following sites...






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