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Show and Go Saturday - Cohasset Rips


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Cohasset boasts two Class II tidal rips and the tides are right to visit both of them tomorrow. The plan is to play the Cohasset Harbor rip on the incoming tide, starting around noon, then paddle over to Little Harbor and play that rip on the ebb tide after 3PM. Do one or both, in WW boats or sea kayaks.

Cohasset Harbor Rip:


Here we can practice ferrying, surfing, eddy turns and peelouts, or if you have a whitewater boat there are some great squirt lines for playboating moves. If you flip and fail to roll, the runout is deep and safe. Rescues are easy. This rip will get going at about noon on Saturday and be good for 2-3 hours of play.

Little Harbor Rip:


Similar to the Cohasset Harbor rip, but played on the ebb tide starting an hour after high. This one requires an open coastal paddle from Cohasset Harbor to reach, and it is a bit long to paddle over in a WW boat. (You could tow your WW boat behind your sea boat.) This rip will get going around 4PM and be good for a couple of hours tomorrow.

If you have never played in current and want to try it, this is a good place to learn. The consequences of a swim are pretty much limited to whatever damage your ego sustains. Helmets are mandatory, however.

Plan to meet at Cohasset Harbor around 11:00-11:30. Email me directly or post here if interested.

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I was referred to you from Mike Hirsch who I met a lecture. I am both a sea kayaker (boat bought last year) and an on again off again white water paddler.

I realize I am responding to this message late, but it is the kind of thing I am trying to line up, paddling either white water or sea kayaking.

This weekend, the Fourth of July, I would like to join someone doing white water since I left my sea kayak on the Cape.

I have been in touch with Mike via e-mail.

I am planning to go to the Mystic Lakes tonight, the 28th.

Let me know of any plans you might have regarding the near future, preferably this weekend.

Erik Hansen



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