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Feathercraft Big Kahuna

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Feathercraft made great folding boats long before the inflatables such as Sea Eagle figured out how to make balloons seaworthy.  The Feathercrafts were like "bird cages" of aluminum poles held together by shock cord, that you poke into bow and stern of a neoprene skin, and then expand with clever hardware.   They can be a challenge to put together, but are generally excellent boats.   Folded up, they fit into a canvas bag that becomes a backpack, or can be checked on a plane.    The Kahuna and Big Kahuna are for intermediate paddling, and a bit easier to assemble/disassemble than the others.  The Big Kahuna has a slightly larger cockpit for larger paddlers.  These boats do need care to keep watertight and to keep the aluminum tubes clean and easy to slide on and off each other.

I bought this Big Kahuna used (from the famous north shore paddling shop which name I forgot) around 2002 or 2003.   I don't know what usage it got before me, but I have only lightly used it over the years -- it was my travel boat (rarely) or my third boat when more than one visitor needed a loaner.  I have paddled it in moderate chop and currents around Cape Ann several times, and found it agile and fun.   It is kind of cool to be able to feel the restless water against your skin through the neoprene.

I moved west in 2010, have rarely paddled since, and just today took the Big Kahuna out......discovering that I am just too old and inflexible to get in and out of the cockpit with agility.  I think this boat wants a good new home.  We'd have to work out shipping, and a fair price -- I have no idea what that is.   Let me know if you are interested.

Feathercraft no longer makes these, but their website still exists, they claim to still sell accessories, and they still have full documentation on their old line.   Rather than me re-iterate it all here, I suggest you go to their page to look at photos and download all the assembly instructions and specifications.    This model is dark green, no hatches, and came with a rudder (which I have never used) and a sea sock & spray skirt (which I have).


Email me:   jeff@jeffcasey.net    or call     781-454-7648

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