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Ogunquit, 12/16/23

Jim Snyder

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Our group was myself, Richard Blais, Ricardo Caivano, Dana Sigall, and Bill Doucet. Predicted conditions were a long period 1'swell and a light onshore breeze. There was some concern that the long fetch breeze might make conditions a little too sporty for cold water paddling but it turned out to not be an issue. We launched out of the Ogunquit River, just a few yards from our parking.


There were some nice looking waves at the river mouth and some surfing was attempted but the duration of the waves proved disappointing. We made our way down the beautiful rocky coast, passing Perkins Cove with the intention of spending some time in the Grotto below Bald Head Cliff. The waves never developed into any challenging paddling but the day was beautiful and the visuals spectacular.

The grotto was calm but beautiful and we decided that the conditions were just right to haul out for lunch.








Spending time in this beautiful spot was a real treat. Heading back we hoped the higher water might make for some better surfing at Ogunquit but again it was not ideal. 

After loading up I decided since it was early I would go check out the launch at Footbridge beach, about a mile up the river. As it turns out its a great spot and I hope to post a tidal trip from there soon.



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