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#11 Lobster Buoy Interclub car camping, NSPN/SMSKN, 8.23


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A near-capacity group of paddlers met in South Thomaston on Friday afternoon, and scurried to set up their tents, before the 2 o'clock launch time. Four brave souls opted for the usual nickel tour of ____ Island, and were pushed downwind to the nice landing beach on the northern tip, followed by a quick CCW stroll along a well-maintained visitors' path. All were quiet on the way back, facing a ~8kn headwind. Others smartly opted for a leisurely paddle along the shore. The usual, and always welcome, potluck feast and fire were enjoyed into the night.

Saturday was a primo paddling day, and five paddlers in Group A did the CCW of the Muscle Ridge archipelago, shown below. Another group of nine, Group B, headed north to Owl's Head, with return stops at Monroe ([4]hike), and Sheep beach ([5]nap, explore). Back to camp, showers, delicious leftovers, and a repeat fire and convo. Overnight rain into the morning drove most of us indirectly back home with memories of a great time with established and new friends.

Link to Claire's photo album:  https://photos.app.goo.gl/d8MNmMgg8AYCKx4t9

2140203158_GroupA.thumb.png.1ed9eefba8aa09f7d09762fc01a06031.png  57617770_GroupB.thumb.png.f8826ffab3503562c10372b270665f1e.png

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