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Fort Stark, Thursday Lunch Paddle 8/10/23

Jim Snyder

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We had beautiful summer weather and calm ocean conditions, with only 1' long period swell predicted. We were Bill Voss, Bill Doucet, Sandy Blanchard, Diane White, Jody Harris, Beth Miller, and myself. Although I had landed there many times to scout conditions or poke around, this was my first time launching there. Although the carries can be long at less than half tide, it's not muddy and I like the choice of being able to launch either from the protected beach or the ocean side cove. It puts you right out at the ocean without slogging through Little Harbor. We chose to launch on the outside.



As is often the case, even the small swell provided some opportunity to play among the rocks.


We passed Wood Island but decided to put off a landing until the return. Boat traffic was light and we headed over to Gerrish Island. Poking along the coast with occasional opportunities to play or surf we eventually decided to land in the small surf at Seapoint beach for lunch.


During the return we decided to do a little rescue practice.


We took a break on Wood during our return. They were in the middle of a little granite paving project. I can't wait to see this finished.


Please feel free to add comments or pictures, thanks for a nice trip.


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