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Wed Lunch Paddle 8/2/2023: Rockport, Loblolly Cove, Thacher Island

Joseph Berkovitz

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People: David Silberman, Devon Winkler, Prudence Baxter, Ricardo Caivano, Bill Voss, Karen Gladstone, Phil Morrow, Joe Berkovitz

Route: Rockport Granite Pier, Straitsmouth Gap, Loblolly Cove, Thacher Island (return)

Launch: 10:00; Land: 15:00

This was a lovely and sunny summer paddle. It began with some slightly bouncy conditions just after the launch, probably left over from the overnight northerly wind that was dropping even as we paddled. Passing through Straitsmouth Gap the water evened out quite a bit and we enjoyed touring and in some cases playing around the ledges. There was a persistent long swell providing a bit of energy for those who wanted it. As the day continued, the wind picked up a bit and the waves seemed to diminish.

We all circumnavigated Thacher—the tourist boat tied up the ramp for a while—and the outside was, as usual, a lot more dynamic. High water was around 12.45 so many ledges and rocks were covered up by this point. so only Ricardo, Phil and Devon landed. (Note: we had called the island keeper in advance, which they now request for groups larger than 6.)

This was David's first open-ocean trip with NSPN and he acclimated quickly to the sea state, which at the outset provided some bumps and bounces. I hope I'm not going out on too much of a limb to say that the trip was a success from his point of view!

Here are some pictures Devon and Ricardo took of their Thacher visit on foot:


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