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Annisquam River and beyond paddle in Gloucester, MA (Friday, July 7)

Ms. Dew

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Beth and I kicked off the paddle around 2:45 pm, turning a tipsy launch into a skill building moment, running through a T-rescue. The paddle out of the Jones River and north to the Annisquam Light was quite nice. Lots of power boats on the water and anchored at Wingaersheek Beach. Being aware of boat traffic and wake action was key to successful channel crossings. We found a cute patch of sea grass just to the north of the lighthouse where we took a break to stretch and take in the surrounding view. On the return trip, we were into the wind which was starting to build a little as predicted. The current was proving quite strong on the eastern side of the Annisquam River along with the wind. We then made an earlier crossing just north of the Annisquam Yacht Club over to Wingaersheek where the currents were calmer. Lots of anchored boats with all sorts kicking off their weekends. Once we were able to nose into the mouth of the Jones River, it was a relief to be protected and take a more relaxed pace back to the ramp. Total journey was around 4 nm.




Kayak Map Annisquam Rr to Ipswich Bay v2 copy.jpg

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