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Greasy Pole Paddle, June 23, 2023

Ms. Dew

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We three kayaks of N-S-P-N

Paddled by Italian men

Pole was greasy

Seas were easy

Practice our rolls again


I was stressing as I was heading over to Rocky Neck that the parking lot would be packed due to St. Peter's Fiesta and we would need to be creative in getting the trip started. To my delight, there were plenty of spaces and I quickly spotted Beth and Fred. We had a short prelaunch meeting about the best route to take to Greasy Pole and what we might do in addition. Fortunately the boat traffic in the main Inner Harbor channel was dead quiet as we shot across to get a good spot to watch the Friday challengers walk across the pole. I've only ever viewed the event from shore and it was so wild to be right out in the middle of it all. Was glad to see so many first responder boats waiting at ready in case of an injury. After watching about two rounds without anyone succeeding at grabbing the flag from the pole's end, we decided to make our way west and follow the shore along to Good Harbor. We chose to land at Half Moon Beach for a quick break to find that sadly the restrooms at the welcome center close at 5:45 (was around 6:30 or so at this point). Getting back on the water, we started to head a little south of Cressy's Beach and then east to the opposite side of the Outer Harbor channel. We took in some bird watching around Ten Pound Island as we made our way back to Wonson's Cove. Beth suggested a quick skill session and Fred was game for some rolls. I can only hope to gain more confidence in attempting such moves over the course of this season. Thank you Beth and Fred for coming out for a fun time out in Gloucester Harbor!


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