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Wed Lunch Paddle 6/14/23: Lanes Cove

Joseph Berkovitz

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People: Joe Berkovitz (organizer), Devon Winkler, Sue Hriciga, Fred Goodman, Britta Magnsuon, Ben Rechel, Ricardo Caivano

Distance: 7.5 nautical miles


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We launched just after high water from Lanes Cove a little after 10 am. The fog from earlier in the morning was starting to lift and it looked like in spite of the predicted gloomy skies we would have a brighter day.

Our beach discussion evolved a plan to head around Halibut Point to the east side and see how the wind change was setting up, then proceed as far as we liked, probably doubling back to lunch at Annisquam Light. On the west side of Cape Ann in Ipswich Bay, it was very calm with almost no swell or wind. Rounding Halibut Point, though, the easterly breeze picked up and we could feel the beginning of what was likely to be a choppy afternoon. So after a brief snack on the water we headed back around into the lee, reaching Annisquam Light around 12:30.


The tide level was perfect for landing on the fine sand beach there, and we chatted and lounged on the rocks next to the lighthouse, enjoying the view of Ipswich Bay.

Eventually we returned to Lanes Cove where we landed and packed up. (Reminder for future groups: please use the ramp to reach the parking lot rather than cutting through the private beach behind the house 32 Andrews St. There is no marked boundary and there are no signs telling you not to, it's just a considerate thing to do and the owners appreciate it.)

In the lot we were treated to an interview with Ben's parrot Parry (or Perry):


The interview was a bit one-sided as the parrot did not have much to say, but his face was very expressive as you can see.

Thanks everyone who came on this trip! It was a lovely lunch paddle on a perfect day.

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