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Odiorne, March 21, spring equinox, 2023

Jim Snyder

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This was a short notice weekday paddle on a break from big or windy conditions. The group was me, Jim Snyder, and Ricardo Caivano and Richard Blais. Anticipating the wind to build from the southwest, we decided to head south to Wallis Sands. Despite the small conditions we were respectful of the cold water, about as cold as it ever gets here at 40 degrees. As always, it didn't take big waves to make for beautiful interplay between rocks and water.IMG_4052.thumb.jpg.fbe12809f2abc65defe150baa37dfbb8.jpg


The small waves breaking right at what little was left of Wallis Sands made for a sporty dismount. Lunch was getting a little breezy but we anticipated having either lee or following conditions on the return.


In an odd reversal of normal, when we rounded the end of the breakwater and into Little Harbor, we were hit full in the face by wind and whitecaps. That final 3/4 mile into the southwest wind felt like it took 3/4 of an hour. I found myself looking to the shore to make sure I wasn't going backwards. 

It was an enjoyable winter outing but looking forward to warmer water!




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