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Paddle To The Amazon - Wilderness & Canoe Symposium Online Event

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Hello friends of NSPN, I've been given the opportunity to speak about my film Paddle To The Amazon at the Wilderness & Canoe Symposium February 15th in an online event. Dana Starkell who was on the original trip will also be sharing stories from his 2 year journey to the Amazon. An introduction will be made by prolific writer, speaker and geographer James Raffan.

An exclusive offer for those who sign up for the event can view this epic Canadian adventure film for free until Feb. 15: https://paddletotheamazon.gumroad.com/l/dosux 
Let me know you've registered and I'll give you the free pass code.

Join us for some behind the scenes stories of the documentary film and a chance to meet a real life adventurer.
15 Feb 2022 6pm-9pm with breakout session for Q&A
38th Wilderness and Canoe Symposium Sign up now at  www.wcsymposium.com

Synopsis of film: Shaped by his life as an abandoned child, Don discovered his love and skill for canoeing during the great 1950 Winnipeg flood. When divorce left him a broken man, Don revived his grit and hatched a long-term plan for he and his sons to undertake a two-year, 19,620 km canoe journey from their home in Winnipeg, Manitoba to Brazil’s Amazon River.  

This inspirational story will move you. Paddle Trailer Please help spread the word.

For further details please visit www.paddletotheamazon.com
It's sure to be a lively event. 

Chris Forde - Director

Poster for W&CS.jpg

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