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Paddle To The Amazon Documentary

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Hello, I'm new to the NSPN but thought there might be some interest in my recently completed doc film "Paddle To The Amazon" 
A film 21 years in the making.
You may already know this story inspired by the national best seller written by Don Starkell's from the diary of their trip.
"What makes a man paddle 20,000 Kilometres to another world in a canoe?"
For Don Starkell, it was a combination of his love for adventure and his desire to connect with his sons. Growing up as an abandoned child, Don learned to find joy in the outdoors and discovered his love for paddling during the great Winnipeg flood.
When his divorce left him feeling broken and alone, Don came up with a bold plan to undertake a two-year paddling journey from his home in Canada to the Amazon River in Brazil. He believed that this epic adventure would not only provide a way for him to bond with his sons, but also help him find purpose and meaning in life.
"Paddle to the Amazon" is a heartwarming and inspiring story about a father and son's epic journey. It's a tale of love, adventure, and the power of the human spirit. Follow Don and his sons on their spellbinding journey, and come to understand what drives this "madman" to pursue his dreams against all odds.
Thanks for your consideration. Chris Forde - Director
#adventure #paddletotheamazon #documentaryfilm #travel #fatherandson #amazon #donstarkell #danastarkell #canoe #paddle #paddlecanada #canoetrip #guinessbookofworldrecords #indiefilm #indie #indiedocumentaryfilm

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