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Wed. Lunch Paddle #6: 7/1/2020 @ Riverhead Beach, Marblehead

Joseph Berkovitz

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This week's Wednesday Lunch Paddle is on July 1, 2020. We will be meeting at Riverhead Beach in Marblehead MA:


Covid-19 paddling: on this trip we will strictly observe social distancing and MA state recreational boating guidelines for the pandemic. Please research and respect all regulations that apply at the time of the paddle. There is a strict limit of 10 paddlers on the trip. You must register using the form link below to be sure that you're actually on the paddle.

We will stay at least 6 feet apart, minimize sharing docks and ramps with others, and wear face masks while off the water in public use areas. We also employ an online waiver to avoid passing around a physical piece of paper.

Registration: To attend, please register using this form which will also add your information to the float plan:


You must be a paid-up NSPN member to join this trip. Your signup information will only be shared with other participants.

Predictions:  As of today (Monday), prediction is for very light and variable winds, overcast with some clearing, air temp 65 - 75 F, water 65+ F. Seas 2-3 feet, mostly 9 sec. swell with diminishing wind waves from previous days.

The first part of this week we have an almost stationary low pressure system parked over New England. This is causing the gray skies and passing T-storms. However it looks like this may finally begin to clear out on Wednesday morning, so thunderstorms should be less of a worry by then. If this prediction doesn't bear out we may cut the trip short.

Tides (Salem Harbor).

2020/07/01 Wed 08:32 AM 9.13 H
2020/07/01 Wed 2:32 PM 0.06 L
2020/07/01 Wed 8:56 PM 10.57 H

Possible Plans: 1) Do a surf launch from Devereux Beach and head south down the coast to Kings Beach or even Nahant for lunch and some surfing, then land at Devereux or 2) launch from Riverhead Beach and head around the Neck to some combination of Tinkers lunch and potential surfing off Devereux. Given the lack of wind, we could actually head in any direction we please, but our suggestion here was to enjoy what may turn out to be some ideal low-impact surfing conditions, great to practice and learn in.

Plan 1 would be a 10-11 nm trip; Plan 2 is more in the 6-7 nm range.

Of course we'll walk over to Devereux and actually observe what's happening there before we make any decisions!

Please bring a helmet if you have one.

When/what: We will meet at 10 and launch at 10.30 sharp. We'll have a beach briefing in some safe manner, make a plan together based on what people feel like doing.

This trip doesn't have a specific level: we'll determine the route based on who shows up, what people want to do, and what the environment wants to do. All properly equipped members are welcome: please bring boats with rigged deck lines, bulkheads, spray skirts, and dress for immersion. If you're not sure you have a safe vessel, please get in touch with us and ask.

NOTE: The Wednesday Lunch Paddles are cooperative adventures, not guided trips. Each participant is responsible for her/his own safety.Don’t assume the trip initiators are smarter, stronger, better at rough water, more attractive, or more skilled paddlers than you are. For more information, see this description of our trip philosophy from the NSPN web site. 

We encourage paddlers to make their own independent decision about their comfort level with conditions at the time of the paddle. Please PM me if you have questions or if you haven’t paddled with me or Bob before.

Hope to see you there!

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Helmet requested
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Do you know what route is more likely?  Not sure which boat I'd bringing on whether it's more surfing or distance.



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No matter what we do, it will be more time spent in distance/coastal paddling than surfing. In any case The surfing is optional and there will also be rock play opportunities.

However... let’s not overlook the fact that long boats are also great for surfing! Just a different kind of ride...

We will take everyone’s desires and comfort level into account at the start of the paddle so we can find a solution I’m sure.



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