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Solstice Level 1/2 (easy) Trip Saturday June 20 - Cancelled


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This is our annual summertime social event which is always held at Riverhead Beach in Marblehead and finishes off with a pot luck party under the pavilion across the street at Devereux Beach (be prepared that it is almost always very windy and a bit chilly in the afternoon).  Parking at Riverhead should be free, but can be busy with dog walker, SUP rentals, and - oh yeah, a bunch of kayakers!  There is alternate parking at Devereaux, but be prepared to pay $15 for the day. 

Traditionally, we end up with multiple groups on the water doing different trips based on skills and experience.  Please review our Trip Levels as a guide line to which group you want to be in.  They are guidelines, not hard limits, so if you are unsure, just ask here.  This group would be the most conservative, maybe only paddling a couple of miles total for the day.  We do require a minimum of a sea kayak (must have active flotation such as bulkheads or float bags), paddle, PFD, sprayskirt, and personal comfort (lunch, water, sunscreen, appropriate clothing, etc).  However, if you are lacking something (life jacket, spray skirt, kayak, etc), please post what you might need and we will see if someone has one you can borrow for the day.

The discussion in this thread should include when everyone should be completely ready to launch so that a group discussion (aka "beach briefing") can begin - maybe around 10:00am?.  Needing to manage getting ready during or after the beach briefing can be distracting and cause unwanted delays for the group.   It is important that everyone is ready to go at the start of the meeting, so allow yourself enough time to get ready beforehand.

Often, there are desires to work on different skills (paddle strokes, rescues, etc) while others just want to be more comfortable on the water.  Both can usually be managed simultaneously, but this is not specifically a training or coaching session, but just a paddle with others willing to share what they know.  It would be helpful for participants to share what they would like to get out of the day so that proper planning can be done ahead of time.

Please post the following if you are interested in attending this pod:
 - What equipment you might need or confirm what you have
 - If you can not arrive in time to be ready when needed
 - If you need to leave before the proposed return time
 - What you want to get out of the day

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