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Back To The Future, April 24-26 Sea Sherpa & John Carmody

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Sea Sherpa Kayak is holding the Polar Paddle Practicum for the 5th year in a row.  One-of-a-kind, paddle action figure John Carmody is re-joining Gerry Polinsky on the coach staff. Part instructional, part exploratorium.  Paddlers will work in similarly experienced pods allowing all to push within their comfort zones.  The primary focus will be on personal skills, splitting time between coaching and "having at it". There will also be opportunity to work conditions forecasting and trip planning. 

 South coast Maine is fantastically beautiful and is sadly underutilized by the open water paddle community.  The area between Wells and Cape Elizabeth offers classic nautical Maine scenery and is filthy with fantastic rock gardening & surf options, lighthouses and lobster boats.  Participants will be staying together in a centrally located, historic mansion with a fully outfitted kitchen.  

Appropriate skill level is modest to advanced intermediate open water paddlers. For further details on logistics and prices, go to PPP 5.0 or contact gerry at sea sherpa kayak dot com.

This is a really fun, productive event and a great way to kick start your paddle season.  We hope to see you there.



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