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Wash Away Your Winter Blues In Baja

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Happy Winter All,

https://seasherpakayak.com is offering two events in Baja in early March.  Each is geared towards specific levels of experience so it should be easy to find a good fit.  Gerry ran an event there last year:  Conditions were spectacular (both weather and swell), our bungalow comfy with great views, fantastic food and quality tequila.  Lots of fun and world class paddling.  Event prices are surprisingly low as that's the way things are in Baja.

Baja Bash-Week 2: Rocks & Surf Instructional 
March 8 – March 14, 2020    https://seasherpakayak.com/event/baja-bash-rocks-surf-skills-and/
Baja sea kayaking offers fantastic rock gardening and surf venues set against spectacular scenary and wildlife. In this event, we’ll balance skills instruction with exploration and playtime. Geared towards the modest to strong intermediate open water paddler, this event is a massive pile of fun and a great way to wash away the winter dust.

Baja Bash-Week 1: Advanced Rocks & Surf    
March 1-7, 2020    https://seasherpakayak.com/event/baja-bash-week-1-advanced-rocks-surf/
Sea Sherpa Kayak is hosting two back-to-back kayak events in Baja. Week 1 is geared towards advanced, open water paddlers looking for a “peer paddle” exploratorium with long leashed, top tips coaching. Off shore reefs, pour-overs, slots, sea cliffs and shore surf set against a backdrop of fantastic scenery and wildlife.

If interested, follow the link to https://seasherpakayak.com for more details or email gerry at sea sherpa kayak dot com

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