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Nigel Foster Shadow $1200

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Just putting a feeler out to see if anyone is interested in a yellow fiberglass Nigel Foster Shadow. Unfortunately this boat no longer matches my paddling style (sedentary) and I would like to see it go to a more appreciative owner. It's a very rewarding boat to paddle but requires a more diligent owner than myself. 

 It's an older boat but in good shape, with new hatches, new reflective deck line and bungee, and a new kayak sport ergo seat. Skeg works great. The keel strip is starting to get worn through and will need to be freshened up sometime soon. The only other thing is that it's a heavy boat, heavier than most plastic boats of a similar size, but has a very solid layup. 

Since this is a feeler I haven't bothered to get photos, but if anyone is interested I can get the boat out and take some photos. 


Just M

jbmartinsen @ gmail dot com 

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