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Late Summer / Fall 2019 British Canoeing Programs

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Dear paddlers,

We have the following British Canoeing Programs planned from Mid Summer towards the later part of our Southern New England paddling season.

BC Sea Kayak Award.  Personal Performance Award.  8/17/19 in RI.  Link: https://www.kayakwaveology.com/event/british-canoeing-coastal-sea-kayak-award-moderate-water-sea-skills/

BC Coastal Sea Kayak Award.  Personal Performance Award (Moderate water).  8/18/19 in RI Link: https://www.kayakwaveology.com/event/bc-coastal-sea-kayak-award/

BC  Sea Kayak Leader Training (Moderate Water).  9/28-29/2019 Ct and RI.  Link: https://www.kayakwaveology.com/event/british-canoeing-sea-kayak-leader-training-4-star-sea-2/

Then we have the BC Week just before the Autumn Gales.  Personal Performance Training and Assessments,  Safety Courses FSRT, Coastal Nav, Open Water Nav, and Leadership Trainings and Assessments. Eastern Ct and RI.  October 28 - 31, 2019.  See this link: http://www.autumngales.com/courses---british-canoeing.html

This post is to keep you guys informed as to what is happening.  Should you have any questions or inquiries please feel free to contact us at Kayak Waveology.

Safe paddling

Greg Paquin

Kayak Waveology, LLC.
BC Performance Coach
BC International Guide
Tel: 860-304-4000
Email:  coach@kayakwaveology.com

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