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West Beach, Beverly 9/22/2018

Joseph Berkovitz

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Launch: 10.15a
Land: 2.30p
Distance: 7.8 nm 
HT: 10.20a
Weather: predicted winds WNW 15 kt decreasing and veering to NNW
    Seas 3ft @ 10s, air 70F water 65F
People: Joe B (organizer/leader), Rob F, Cathy F, Prudence B, Sandy B, Liz N, Andy S, Sue H
Track: https://www.gaiagps.com/public/vdMHL4wHFez9K1jQeKcqKLmz/?layer=gaianoaarnc

Launched from West Beach Beverly. Most of the group paddled to Great Misery Beach to get on the water while Rob and I waited behind for the final member of the group. Eventually everyone was reunited near Chubb Island and the group headed east to keep the wind either blocked by rocks (by hugging the coast) or roughly behind us. This strategy worked although the stretch from W Beach to Gales Point was very windy indeed with a quartering wind from the rear. 

A feature of this paddle emerged which remained consistent throughout the day: occasional sets of large long swells (3-4 feet or more) with long unpredictable lulls in between lasting 10-20 minutes. It kept us on our toes during rock play and in some of the underwater ledge/boulder areas like Lobster Cove. During the big sets places that had been quite placid would turn into washing machine conditions. There were a few close-to-capsize moments or times we had to power over waves that were about to break.

Just east of Manchester Harbor 3 paddlers decided to go back together; 2 were experiencing some minor physical issues unrelated to the paddle and the third offered
To provide additional companionship and security. This left 5 who wanted to go on. We proceeded to White Beach in Manchester as a lunch spot playing near rocks along the way. The water level was gradually dropping. Some of us had some big water encounters when the large sets came through areas with ledges like the “NSPN rock” area. 

After lunch the return was similar in character with a few more big sets. We landed and reunited with the previously separated group on the beach. 

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thank you for posting the trip.  I thoroughly enjoyed our little tour of every nook and cranny in Manchester Harbour and back to west beach.  But the best was your  quoting Dr Seuss to start our Day:


thanks to Liz and Prudence for joining me on the alternate paddle.

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