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York Harbor to Jewell I., May, 2016, Just Because


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Because I was trying to connect dots along the entire Coast, pre-Jewell was a good opportunity get some extra paddling in, as I try to extend Coastal Maine trips whenever I can.  You wouldn't (and most don't) choose this particular trip for its classic Maine shoreline.  Instead, expect miles-long sand beaches, motels, resorts, cheek-by-jowl houses, and boringly straight coastline.  York Harbor was the first dot, but how to arrange for overnight parking?  Google satellite helped me locate a fairly convenient Turnpike park-n-ride, ~5min from the launch site.  Now, if I could find a willing south-bound Jewell participant that could ferry me and the School Bus back to the lot.  Of course Peter B said yes right away.  

A local taxi service was willing to shuttle me to the launch @ 0630, the weather and tides were optimal, so off I went.  Delorme (now Garmin) Gazetteer (please don't discontinue these) sufficed for the majority of the trip; I find their detailed coastline features very accurate, and any aids to navigation were land-based, and somewhat familiar to me.  It was calm, clear, and overcast the first day, and my point-to-point paddling, after a slight struggle fighting the early flood of York River, had me aiming for Cape Neddick Light, Bald Head, and the northern breakwater at Wells Beach, where I landed, sandwiched, and strolled.  The final leg of the day took me to my camping destination at Cape Porpoise, a beautiful MITA site, unfortunately barred to its neighbor (near-low tide), resulting in a few extra minutes to the landing.  I was not a little startled to spy a local near my tent site; she must have hoofed it from the mainland over the expansive "flats", a feature this area is known for.  I chose the pine grove over the exposed shoreside site, set up camp, then set off on the requisite hike around the island.  I was now in my element-the solitude and quiet I had experienced on my many sea safaris.

Day 2 was picture perfect, and a lazy start had me heading to Biddeford Pool and Wood Island.  A rest stop at the western tip of the latter, was NOT uneventful, as a sloppy shoreline exit brace gave me a little jolt.  I was lucky not to injure my hands on the jagged edges.


Of course I had a spare, and the Greenland would perform admirably for the next several days. Off again, to spend a lazy day at Old Orchard Beach, and then, cheating a little, finding local accommodations to rest my head.  Day 3 was lazy too, as I paddled without (much) purpose, stopping where I could to rest and/or hike, making my way to Bug Light in S. Portland, for a 6pm rendezvous with Peter, Kyle, Cathy and Rob, this new launch pod paddling to Jewell at Twilight.  For the rest of the story:  http://www.nspn.org/forum/topic/11169-annual-jewell-island-kayak-camping-weekend/


Link to slideshow, including Jewell weekend:  https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipP9FOUqlcp8UZxiUJSlRH29jVKck06gqG6pFL7MdA_ZAasM-gn91z14ViRmyrV8Xw?key=dmp0aXJ2Um1rcFgwV2xVRU51VWphdFQ3bFpaR2ZR



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