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Paddle to Mar-a-Lago


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Today I paddled to Mar-a-Lago to meet Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. I was hoping to demonstrate bracing and rolling to Shinzo and his lovely wife. I usually make the Mar-a-Lago trip alongside the ocean beaches of Palm Beach Barrier Island, but today I took the inside route (between Palm Beach and the mainland) because of the strong winds.

This is a pix of Trump Plaza as I passed by it in West Palm Beach.


Here are a couple of pix of the stinkpots I passed. Some people are really into conspicuous consumption.



Here’s a pix of Mar-a-Lago from about two miles away.


As I headed towards shore this Coastie came out to greet me.


He was unaware that I was on the way to meet the Japanese Prime Minister. He said I have two choices: 1. Stay far from shore or 2. He’ll try out his bow-mounted machine gun. I chose no. 1. However, there’s a beach on Southern Blvd. that connects the Mainland to Palm Beach and he said it was okay to paddle there. So I did.

Here are a few pix of Mar-a-Lago taken near the beach on Southern Blvd.



I had a super fast paddle home (wind and tide pushing me) averaged 6 knots over the 8 nautical miles.

At the end of the trip I parked my kayak along side of my Sunfish.




Oh, did I mention that I never met the Prime Minister.



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