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Squam Lake Camping 9/30- 20/2/2016

Shari G

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It was another successful camping weekend at Squam Lake thanks to our enthusiastic group: Gary, Peter, Janice, Sherry, Mike, Yong, Paul, Elizabeth ( and me). We shared lovely Moon Island with a group of industrious and stealthy red squirrels who bagged a sandwich, pumpkin and corn bread (undeterred by heavy plastic containers). The weather vacillated between partly sunny to occasional showers with daytime temps in the low 60s and nighttime lows around 45-50. The mountains were stunning with low hanging clouds and mist, though only small patches of fall color. We paddled to some favorite destinations including the Yard Islands and Rattlesnake Cove. One morning included a hike up the Western Rattlesnake Mountain with lunch on the granite faced vista. Our weekend concluded with a hearty lunch at The Common Man. It was a wonderful weekend of fellowship, great food, and relaxation at one of NH's gems! Thank you to everyone! I will attempt to attach photos.


P. S. here is a link to Gary's pix:  https://goo.gl/photos/SjG5yxoxjeyn9ZY68


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We were fortunate to dodge most of the raindrops, and there were not many, allowing for a warm fire, delicious food, and great company to be enjoyed each night.  Thanks to all who participated, especially Organizer Shari. 

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