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2016 Lighthouse to Lighthouse Race (9/17 @ Norwalk, CT)

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FYI -- L2L is back after a hiatus in 2015!  Registration fee covers entry, parking, shirt, food, beverages, and entertainment.  Proceeds support Achilles International:


For the 16th year we are looking forward to welcoming a competitive field of racers to row or paddle the Lighthouse To Lighthouse Race along the scenic Norwalk Islands on the Connecticut shore.


We will have events on both Saturday and Sunday this year. Saturday is race day, Sunday we will host a community day with breakfast and number of clinics (surfski, sea kayak, rowing) for anyone wanting expert coaching among friends.

This year we have 2 races - 7 miles and 14 miles. Races start at 10:00am so be on the beach 2 hours in advance in order to comfortably, set up and receive safety briefing / orientation. There will be a four hour time limit on the race so that we can have everyone off the water by 2:00 p.m. Boats having trouble making it back by the deadline will be asked to accept a tow or have their boats picked up and returned to the beach.

Boat Classifications

You will be asked at time of registration to select a class and enter the name of the manufacturer and model of the boat you will be racing. Please be accurate and detailed so that we can review and confirm conformity with the selected class in advance of the race.

For paddled boats (kayaks), as is customary, we will be using the Soundrowers system of classification for paddled craft, with a few exceptions:


Sea Kayak, Fast Sea Kayak, Surfski, Surfski 20 Plus


For rowed boats we have:


- Fixed Seat Racing, Fixed Seat Touring, Sliding Seat Racing, Sliding Seat Touring, Pilot, Livery, Workboats, Whalers.


For the aloha folks:


- OC1, OC2, OC4 and OC6


Lastly, we welcome SUP paddlers both prone and standing:


- 12'6, 14 and Unlimited


Both male, female and mixed are valid, as are single and multi crewed.

Vessels of any other style or design will be classified as Open unless a 3 or more similar vessels register in order to invoke an new class.




At the conclusion of the event awards will be presented to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place competitors in each boat class, gender (male, female and mixed) and crew #.


Food and Entertainment

Following the race, a beach party will be available for all racers and guests of the racers and volunteers. The party will feature Wayne's famous clam chowder and a raw bar as well as delicious food from the grill. We will also feature music and a range of craft beers in case you are thirsty. There is plenty of space and parking, bring the family for a great end of season event.

The beach party is included in the race registration, non racing guests will be asked to make a $20 donation to eat. Guest tickets can be purchased during the registration process.

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