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Isles of Shoals Tuesday 9th August


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Tuesday 9th August, from Rye Harbor in Rye, NH to Isles of Shoals,  and back. Put-in location is here

This has a 6 mile open water crossing each way, and depending on how many islands we visit or go around, will determine total mileage, but expect 15-16 nautical miles total. 

With such an open water crossing and distance, this would be considered a Level 4 trip. 

Wind has a tendency to pick up in the afternoon, so advice has it to start early, so I suggest everyone arrive by 7:30 am or soon after, and then be ready to paddle, with boats on the beach at 8:00 am, for a briefing and then off we go. If we get off soon after 8, we may get there by 10:30, cruise a bit around the islands, land on atleast one, have lunch and return, ideally with a homeward bound depardeparting by around 1:00 pm to return, in which case we'd be back by 3:30. 

I haven't been before, but have reason to hope there will be atleast one other nspn boater who has been there more that once before.

I'm a relatively new nspn paddler, I live in Europe with my wife, who will be joining on this trip, and we are here only in summer. I've recently passed the BCU 4* Sea Leadership training. 

I'm not exactly sure of the protocol for posting such a trip as this, but suggest that people respond to me with the information as suggested in the NSPN trip guidelines (below):  If anyone has any comments or guidance for me about this, I welcome your advice. 

I look forward to paddling with any that come.

John Stevens  978-235-0397   email: johnpetersstevens@gmail.com

Please RSVP

from NSPN guidelines:

If an RSVP is required for the trip, email the following information to the specified Trip Initiator.

1)  Your Name;

2)  a description of your boat (color, length, make);

3)  an emergency contact for the day of the trip (name and phone#);

4)  a way for the Trip Initiator to contact you in the 36 hours before the trip (email and telephone)

5)  if the Trip Initiator does not already know you, include your “paddling resume”, i.e., a brief description of your paddling experience. This can include recent NSPN trips you have been on, members you regularly paddle with, classes taken, practice sessions attended, assessments completed, etc. It need not be more than a few sentences.



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Hi John,

I have done this paddle once before.  We had a near perfect day, very light winds and calm seas.  It is a very nice paddle.  That said, I have heard that it can get very rough out there, and know several people who have tried this paddle and needed to turn back.

I am interested if the conditions (weather) looks very favorable, and I can get the time off.  I will contact you directly (via your email) this weekend to let you know how that is looking.  

Bob Khederian

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Been out quite a few times and been to Boon also. I would only do this with very experienced paddlers who fully understand the things that can come up. Watch for the larger boats out in the open. Sometimes they clear Portsmouth and seem to be on autopilot and certainly don't expect to see speed bumps out there..) 

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