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Sullivan Falls Tidal and Moving Water Training with Pinniped Kayak Thursday Sept. 8th 2016

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Sherry Smith and I have arranged for Nate Hanson and Pinniped Kayaks to be available for professional training at Sullivan Reversing Falls near Ellsworth and Bar Harbor. ME , on Thursday September 8th. This will be the second year we will have this event as it is the day before the NSPN Downeast Retreat in Bar Harbor , and a great opportunity  to paddle and train with professional instruction in a moving water environment .Last year the class was such a success that we are arranging it again this year. 

 if 6 NSPN ers sign up (I'm pretty sure we already have that number ) the cost will be $130/ person . 

Sullivan Falls is a  tidal constriction in the Sullivan River north of Frenchmans Bay, an area the size of a few football fields; active on both the incoming and outgoing tides (ie all day). Because of its small area and safety (the water smooths out just beyond the falls, practically no boat traffic, and there is a launch ramp and picnic area right there) it is an awesome place to practice and have fun in moving water. Piinniped Kayak Co. is based in Ellsworth, only fifteen minutes away, and Nate is a master at teaching at this venue for both experienced paddlers and those new to moving water. Sherry and I have both been in classes here where Nate has taken paddlers who had never paddled in moving water before, all of whom came away with added confidence and skill and had a great time. 

From Nate:
This year, we will have an ebb through the morning, with slack water at about noon.  There should be good environments for all skill levels during the morning - good surfing waves and holes for more advanced folks, and a variety of eddy-line areas for people who are still developing control and comfort in current.  During the afternoon flood, we'll have good surfing for all levels out in the middle during the first hour.  Then there will be eddy lines to work on after that
if we have at least 5 students I will bring a second instructor, and that will really allow us to offer various levels of instruction. As people register, I ask that they send me a deposit for $70. (Checks payable to Pinniped Kayak, 61 Toashuh Way, Ellsworth, ME 04605) If they like they can also fill out pre trip forms and include those in the envelope. “

If you wish to sign up, communicate directly with  Nate Hanson.



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Thank you Peter.  I'm looking forward to paddling with everyone again! 

At this point we have 6 people registered, so the $130 discounted rate is in effect for all NSPN members.  We will probably cap the group at about 11 participants, to keep things reasonable, but still allow for a good crowd of club members.
I've added a Coastal Skills Tune-up class on September 7th, because students this spring (including a few NSPNers) said that they got more out of their day at the falls after spending the previous day tuning up some foundational skills in the Porcupine Islands.  We surfed a bit, we maneuvered around rocks a bit, and visited some skills that come into play at the falls, but which are easier to tune up away from the roaring din of the rushing water.  $140 per person (my normal rate), but like the other class, if we have more than 5 NSPNers I'll bring a second instructor and lower the price to $130. 

You can find more details about these classes at the following link:  http://www.pinnipedkayak.com/sea-kayaking-classes-calendar/

Thanks, Nate


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Hello NSPN'rs,

Thanks for the big response again this year.  I have a nine of you registered to work with me and Mark Schoon at Sullivan Falls on Sept 8th.  There might be one more space available, so contact me if you'd like to join. 

I am offering a Coastal Skills tune-up on Sept 7th, which will offer a great progression into the Sullivan Falls course.  We'll work on skills in the coastal evironment around MDI, finding some surf and rock-garden environments.  Students at all levels have remarked that this day allowed them to make a lot more progress during their subsequent Tidal Currents course.  This course will be with me, and has 3 spaces available at this point. 

Looking forward to seeing all of you up here soon.  To keep you satisfied until then, here's a picture from yesterday at the falls!


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Great news for next week!  Carl Ladd of Osprey Sea Kayak will be joining us as a guest coach for both days next week.  Wednesday Open Water Coastal Skills clinic, and Thursday Tidal Currents at Sullivan Falls. 

We have one space on Thursday, and a handful of spaces on Wednesday. 



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