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NDK Weekend at Newbury Kayak May 21-22

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Tom Bergh of Maine Island Kayak Co will be at Newbury Kayak and Canoe May 21 and 22 for workshops, demonstrations and presentations.  Come and paddle, learn, shop or just hang out!

Workshop topics include:  
   Saturday at 2:30 - Boat Fittings and Posture.  Discover the secrets of a proper fit for effective boat control, safety and avoiding injury. 
   Saturday at 3:30 - Demonstration of Foaming a Sea Kayak for you physique and preferences.  Contact builds confidence!

  Sunday at 11:00 -  - Compass and Chart in 30 Minutes.  All you really need to know to launch your navigation skills on land or on sea.  1. Orienting the Chart.  2. Taking a bearing.  3. Using a compass as a protractor.

Saturday Evening Program/Slide Show (6:30):
Join Tom Bergh for an evening of sea kayaking trips in Baja, Wales, Alaska and Antarctica.  Tom opened Maine Island Kayak Co in 1986 to focus on expedition paddling to off shore islands and has spent these years exploring and paddling from a sea kayak.

High tide is around mid-day-1:00, so that will be the best on water demo and paddling time.

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