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2nd CAM on-the Water Session, Saturday May 7th


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The CAM sessons have been posted as a group; this is a reminder of the upcoming on-the -water CAM session, this Saturday 5/7.

The location will likely be  Odiorne  in Portsmouth (Rye/NH), but we'll decide mid- week, Thursday at the latest, based  mainly on weather .

 Rick Crangle, Rick Stoehrer , Paul Sylvester, Bob Levine, Rob Folster  and I will be on board, looking forward  to help  facilitate group paddling practice.  
 Please go to the calendar posting for 4/30 CAM on-the-water  to RSVP.  
Also , please PM me (PeterB  on the message board), with contact information as throughout this week we'll get a  participant  float plan and group email going   for pre-trip communication, since  we' ll need to discuss a  few things as a group, mainly required clothing and gear & preparedness for cold water.
(Participants from last week's session already have their contact information in a group email so no need to repeat, just an RSVP will be fine) 


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