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Saddleback Island weekend

Paul Sylvester

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Hi all,

  I have been able to reserve the Saddleback Island cottage for the weekend of July 15th - 17th for three nights. Saddleback is part of the Stonington Me archipelago with easy access from Old Quarry and easy access around Isle au Haut and numerous other islands. There are 4 cabin spaces to fill and 5 open spots for those that want to tent. There are a few tenting spots on the island and you need not be too far from the cabin. For more info please see the Maine Coast Heritage trust website.

  Although it might be a level two trip to get there I believe you will get the most from the day trips if you are level 3 or better. 

I am splitting the cost over the 12 participants so figure on $44.00 each for the three nights . Plan on first come first serve and I will do a waitlist for cancelations.

Please  PM me and as I get the group together I may move it to an e-mail format.

   thanks, Paul Sylvester

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