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BCU 4 Star Training

Guest Gerry Polinsky

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Guest Gerry Polinsky

Todd Johnstone Wright is adding an option for a BCU 4 Star training to the Rock, Surf, Race event we are offering 5/31-6/2.  This would be run primarily as a separate event.  If you are interested, use the contact info below and specify your focus on that specific training.


ROCK, SURF, RACE                                                                                                                                              5/31-6/2

The shorelines of Connecticut and Rhode Island offer diverse opportunities to explore a variety of open water environments to include rocks, surf and races.  Join Gerry Polinsky, Carl Ladd, Don Cheyette and Todd Johnstone-Wright for three days of open water skills development focused on helping you perform better in these complex and dynamic coastal environments.  Rather than focusing on specific technique, we intend to individualize the coaching experience by delivering sessions that promote competency and confidence in tide races, shore surf and rock gardens; different environments that often draw on similar fundamentals.

‘Rock, Surf, Race’ will not rely on a predetermined outline or series of ‘classes;’ rather, venues and daily content will be dictated by the environment and the needs/interests of the paddlers.  By maintaining a low instructor/paddler ratio the coaching staff will be able to focus on individual development and work with paddlers to craft long term action plans.


The course will be based out of the fabled Groton House - a grand and historic Victorian home on the shores of the Fishers Island Sound.  Costs are $525 w/o housing and $625 w/housing (shared room).  If you have further questions please contact Todd Johnstone-Wright at twright@synapticsport.com or to register contact Osprey Sea and Surf Kayak Adventures at ospreyseakayak@gmail.com or 508-636-0300 Space is limited.

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