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NSPN CAM Sessions are back in 2016!


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2016 CAM Workshops are back!

For the 2016 season,  NSPN members are invited to participate in a series of four CAM workshops during March and April/early May . This is a great opportunity for the club to get together- first in 2 classroom sessions, then in two on-the-water sessions, working together on essential group skills that can be expected to be needed and applied  on any club trip, both in the planning, pre-trip area  (“ before the trip”)  and then  while on the water ( “the day of the trip”)   
 The goal of these workshops is to help build the skills and knowledge needed to be active participants in club trips, and to work toward a common way of  conducting trips and paddling together on the water. Participants might then pass these skills on to fellow paddlers in subsequent club trips.  As in past years, the workshops will be led /facilitated by experienced club members who are volunteering to share what they have learned.

This workshops are also an opportunity to  explore how the Common Adventure Model can applied on NSPN trips, both in the pre-trip  planning and posting phase of a trip,   and while on the water. 
 While we discuss the Common Adventure Model (CAM) for club trips, the principles and practices covered apply to all trips on the water.

There will be two classroom sessions, covering firstly the trip planning and skills & procedures , and then  on–the water  skills  & procedures 

1st session: classroom:      Sunday March 20 : location : Newbury Kayak and Canoe  291 High st. (Rte 1A)  Newbury, MA 
2nd session: classroom :    Sunday April 10 : location : Newbury Kayak and Canoe   291 High Street (Rte 1A)  

3rd session: on-the-water: Saturday  April 30 :  Put- in TBA
4th session: on the water:  Saturday  May 7 :  Put- in TBA:

This is also a great opportunity for relatively newer paddlers to paddle alongside experienced paddlers and practice new skills that are best introduced in an environment with the support of others.
 While it is possible for members to take part in individual sessions, it is recommended that these be taken in sequence, each one building on earlier workshops. So for each workshop, we will assume participants have the knowledge or skills of previous sessions.

Check this posting and the calendar for updates on location and times
Please RSVP on the calendar section postings

The classroom workshops are open to paddlers of all levels of ability and experience.

The on-water workshops: We hope that all any member planning on participating in NSPN trips will attend.
The first two on-the water workshops are early in the season  and water is cold, so 

We will schedule a third on- the -water session  on June 12th, and there will be subsequent sessions later in the summer.  

A minimum of level 3 skills are needed to participate in the April/May sessions  :  for all workshops it is important participants have basic boat handling skills and be comfortable maneuvering their boats in coastal ocean conditions, and have confidently wet exited their boat. 
These workshops take place in late April/early May  and the water is still cold then, so drysuits are required, immersion clothing  and gear must be reviewed as part of the pre-trip group planning for these sessions. These sessions  because of early in the season, so immersion will only be as safety and conditions dictate.   

In June , We will be  prepared to run part of a session in Level 2 (protected or semi- protected) areas, which may be possible to do in a wet suit and paddle jacket, but arrangements must be made in advance and will be art of the pre-trip communication. 

Because the ocean temperatures are still very cold in April , we will require proper immersion gear of all participants and be mindful of immersion, and general  safety. —If you do not have the appropriate gear and protective clothing, we may be able to arrange a loan of a limited number of dry suits, tow belts, gloves, hoods, etc.

Classroom sessions will be held in Newbury, MA, and on-water sessions will be held on the North Shore, somewhere between Boston and Portsmouth, NH, (Marblehead, MA, and diorite/Rye New Hampshire, are likely venues)  depending on room availability and conditions on the day of the on-water sessions.

The individual workshops will be posted on the Trips/Event message board in the coming days.

Subsequent postings will include more trip details and attached syllabus material.

Check the message board and calendar for updates: this posting will be updated with details in the coming weeks .


Thank you!







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The first classroom session on March both will be at Newbury Kayak and Canoe, 291 High Road, Newbury, MA 01951
9 AM to @ 3 PM.The calendar and postings have been recently updated.
The second session will  likely be at  Kayak and Canoe , but we'll set the location based on participant feedback from the first session. 


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