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Cold Water Workshop - Sunday, Nov 15


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Suz Hutchinson will be conducting the yearly cold water event this year on Sunday, November 15. It will take place at Newbury Kayak and Canoe, 291 High Street (Route 1A), Newbury MA. We will launch from there. Plan to park below the shop and line up the cars against the hill below the shop. When you arrive, you can unload your boats and load up your gear for a trip down the river to Plum Island Sound. We will begin inside the shop and will finish dressing after an indoor discussion. If wearing drysuits, you can wear your “longs” inside. If you choose to wear a wetsuit, best to plan to dress after the inside discussion.

Please RSVP on the calendar or to me directly: suz at kayakne dot com

This will be done as a "learning on the go" style paddle as was done for the Spring CAM workshop on the water.

As we will begin the shop, it is possible to join us for the off water discussion portion only without joining the group for the on water portion.

• Review of cold water physiology and clothing; recognizing hypothermia;

• Dunk tests

• Rescues and tows

• Group scenarios; CAM/leadership issues related to cold water;

• Warm up practice (on-water and on-shore)

• Indoors debrief

The paddling will be within level 2 guidelines on NSPN. Please read those: http://www.nspn.org/paddle_levels.htm

We would like volunteers (one per 3-4 participants) so that we will not need to limit participants. Please include this in your RSVP if you have attended a cold water workshop in the past and are now looking to help.

If you are interested in using a drysuit for the day, Suz will bring Kokatat demo suits and Newbury Kayak will have them available to use also. They will be available on a first come/first serve basis. When rsvp'ing let Suz know if you are hoping to use a drysuit and what size you think you are so she can make note:



If planning to use a drysuit, please bring form fitting fleece to wear underneath, wool/fleece socks and closed shoes that can be worn OVER the bulky drysuit sock and your socks. Fleece jackets are too bulky to go underneath a drysuit.

Please bring any gloves/hoods/hats/shoes that you have that are extra so that if someone else is missing an article of clothing, they can borrow.

Pack a lunch and a hot drink for the day.

Note that there is one (super clean) porta potty at the shop.

Tide info:
Nov 15 – high tide in Plum Island Sound is noted to be 1:09 PM.

E-mail or contact me if you have any questions.



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Quick update on #'s - we are right now at 9 people. Lots of great people have agreed to come and help out which is very much appreciated. While probably cold, it won't be miserable!

Don't forget to rsvp on the NSPN calendar!

FYI - I will be away Nov 3-11 and so if you e-mail me with questions, please expect a slow response.


suz at kayakne dot com

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Update - we have 24 people attending with a great ratio of repeat attendees who will be on hand to help. If you have reserved a drysuit, there is an x next to your name below. If you need a drysuit and there isn't an x next to your name, e-mail me right away so I bring enough suits. suz at kayakne dot com

If you have not RSVP'd via the calendar or an e-mail to me but would still like to attend, it is still possible, just e-mail me. It is also possible to attend the "dry" portion of the day without participating in the "wet" portion. Just let me know via e-mail.

The plan will be to wrap up the day between 3 - 3:30 with a debrief session inside the shop.

Suz Hutchinson

Peter Brady

Phil Allen

Lorrie Allen

Rob Folster

Cathy Folster

Beth Sangree

Jeff Charette

Bob Levine

David Burgess

Elaine Evans x

David Carroll

George Samuels

John Monroe

Phil Anderson

Phil Anderson Wife

Tonia Chase

Chuck Palson x

Samuel Duffield

Mike Duffield x

Nate Philbrick x

Skylar Valger x

Andrew Gibson x

Brennan Young x

Edited by Suz
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