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Boston Light from Deer Island - 9/19/15


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The parking lot just before the Deer Island Light was mobbed. As featured in The Globe that morning, the Baby Doe event and memorial was in that area. Luckily everyone arrived early as suggested and there was lots of turn-over. In fact, it appears you can park about 10 cars along street now.

There was a Channel 5 news team filming some short pieces but luckily we were not in a sensitive area. David, Jill, Bob, Yong, Sung, Ed, Glenn, and Al launched on-time (9:30) off a low tide on the beach facing the airport. We gathered by Deer Island Light to cross the channel in a pod to Nix Mate. Now that the holiday had passed there was minimal traffic. As typical for a level 3 mellow group, it took about one hour to land at Lovells. Then on to Boston Light with light winds and little chop. Even including a rather long stop at Lovell's we were at the light in 2 hours.

However, we again were told we could not land due to planned tours. I discussed this frustrating situation with the very nice and helpful Coast Guard Auxiliary people and Sally, The Boston Light Keeper, and they told us of a really great changes:

  • The island visit schedule is now posted online.
  • There is usually a drop-in time from 12:30-2 when non-schedule tours can land, and
  • You can also call or email Sally as little as 30 minutes before you want to arrive and check on availability.

As soon as I confirm URLs and phone numbers, I will make a general posting of this information.

The group wanted to see the island and tour the light. Bob suggested we go around the small islands (name?) just NE of Little Brewster to kill the hour before we could land. They were spectacular, with a bit of rock play and lots of birds. We arrived back at Little Brewster and were welcome ashore with a tour and a light house visit. Lunch on the high picnic tables was mellow and of course the views of Boston and the Harbor Islands was as good as it gets.

Glen suggested we head around Great Brewster, down to the northern tip of Lovell's and back to the launch. With the wind and tide behind us it was a great trip. Making use of the incoming tide and light traffic, Glen lead us across both channels a bit early (just below the red-green channel divider) with sensible stops for the few coming boats.

The group was well balanced paddling at the same pace and we worked together to make decisions. On the beach by 3:30? Thanks everyone for a great trip.

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